Work/Life Balance

We all need to find balance to get things done. We offer yoga and/or guided meditation sessions to individuals or groups, led by a 500 hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT).


Yoga was developed nearly 5,000 years ago in India as a comprehensive system for well being on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Today, people use various aspects of Yoga to help raise their quality of life in diverse areas as fitness, stress relief, wellness, vitality, mental clarity, healing, peace of mind and spiritual growth. Yoga is a system of techniques and guidance for enriched living; it is not necessarily religious nor belief-based. Individual experiences of Yoga will vary but all approaches to Yoga are intended to promote aspects of well being.


Yoga provides many mental and physical benefits. The goal during a Yoga practice is to challenge yourself physically, but not to feel overwhelmed. Yoga develops inner awareness and focuses your attention on the body’s abilities at that present moment. A Yoga practice helps the person focus their awareness inward. According to Harvard Medical School, Yoga has been shown to provide benefits outside of the Yoga practice (increased physical ability) as well such as more awareness of food intake, a boost in weight loss, less tension and anxiety, cardiovascular benefits and blood pressure regulation, to name a few.


Stress is everywhere. Stress levels have increased in our society. Meditation is a practice of mental relaxation and concentration to relieve that stress. It is inexpensive yet effective. Guided meditation provides direction and focus for both new and experienced practitioners. The guide will instruct you to relax specific muscles in the body and then leads you through mental images and visualizations. You follow the voice and instructions of the guide, who provides guidance away from intruding thoughts. The purpose is to achieve mental, emotional and physical healing and stress relief. You return to consciousness with a new sense of awareness.


Guided meditation offers stress relief, a sense of calm, and a more accepting outlook on life’s challenges. People who practice meditation shift levels of brain activity from an active, right-frontal cortex (where stress resides) to a more stable left-frontal cortex, according to Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn (molecular biologist, professor, and researcher at the University of Massachusetts Medical School). Further, a regular meditation practice can result in lower blood pressure, decreased cravings for nicotine and alcohol, better concentration at work and in school and improved quality of relationships, according to the University of New Hampshire’s Office of Health Education.

Physical and mental stability to help you get things done.

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